Aegirine is a Pyroxene group member, a sodium iron silicate that appears as long, prismatic crystals frequently completed by a sharp disproportional pyramid.


The attractive, black blades of Aegirine surge from its host rock like the fabled Sword in the Stone, waiting for someone to bring into play its power to make all things right. A Stone of Integrity and Self, Aegirine is the noblest crystal, aligning with one’s truest convictions in life together with giving the power and authority to follow those convictions. It stimulates acceptance of self as well as various others together with to follow the heart.

With its connection to the earth and the real world, Aegirine mobilizes active, protective energy, guarding the aura and the physical body, including reinforcing the Spirit in times of challenge. It eliminates undesirable thoughts, energies, and attachments and replaces them with the Light of the encouraging. It endorses wholeness together with healing.

Aegirine is a Pyroxene group member, a sodium iron silicate that appears as long, prismatic crystals frequently completed by a sharp disproportional pyramid. It may well as well appear as compact as well as fibrous disseminated grains. Opaque to transparent, it is dark in color, frequently black, though brownish-black or occasionally greenish-black, and is frequently discovered in alkali-rich volcanic rock. Found in Norway, Aegirine is known as the Norse god of the sea, Aegir, and is also recognized as Acmite, from the Greek word meaning “point”.

Uses and purposes

Aegirine is a fantastic crystal for getting rid of self-consciousness and unneeded embarrassment over aesthetics and is a superior companion for those with disfigurement or body image problems. A truly female-friendly crystal, Aegirine helps women overcome concealed bias in the place of work along with lends emotional support when returning from maternal leave. It is a superior crystal for many other nurses or medical doctors regularly revealed to the hazardous energies of standard hospital surroundings and shields those in the home office and workplace environments when continuously subjected to computers and also electronic devices’ magnetic fields. Aegirine expands the power of many other stones in all healing situations by increasing the body’s own capability to self-heal.

Aegirine is a great safeguard of those sustaining envy, malice, mental influence, or psychic attack from various. Use once a week as a wand in the hand you write to drive energies away from you in all directions as you express your protection intent.
Using or carrying Aegirine supports force the release of bad attachments that might have taken root in the aura’s protective field compromised by abuse of alcohol or drugs or cigarette smoking (though the result is much more gradual). Collaborating with Aegirine in body layouts or combination with various subtle body healing can, in time, regenerate the weakened auric shield.

Take Aegirine on journeys of self-discovery, whether spiritual or taking a trip to brand-new places. It is a good talisman for backpackers for protection against inhospitable areas along with harmful energies and people.

aegirine feldspar malawi crystal
Aegirine Feldspar Malawi Crystal

Healing Therapies Overview

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Physical Healing Energy

Aegirine helps the body in processing and eliminating contaminants and extends the immune, metabolic, and worried systems. It is especially encouraging of the liver, gallbladder, as well as spleen. It is a superb crystal for creating physical energy and stamina and recovery from illness or injury.

Aegirine supports the bones, nerves, and muscular tissues and is valuable in defeating muscular tissue pain and backaches. It’s a helpful stone in Reiki or other energy-transference healing systems using the power of touch.

Emotional Healing Energy

Aegirine gives an essential ally in overcoming sadness, depression, or depression by dissolving negative emotional patterns and points of view created by blame, embarrassment, sense of guilt, unimportance, or self-pity. It produces favorable thoughts to remove and replace the hazardous ones and also cure the emotional body, supplying a recognition of what can not be changed and the acceptance of self and also vary as they are. It permits one to view the larger picture in life and motivates the following one’s very own fact without adjusting to group pressure or many others’ ideas. Aegirine aids in healing relationship issues and encourages change pain after loss, separation, or dishonesty.

Chakra Healing

Aegirine triggers the Base, or Root Chakra, found at the spinal column base and manages the energy for kinesthetic feeling and movement. It is the foundation of physical and also spiritual energy for the body. When the Base Chakra is in balance, the physical body restores its stamina along with stamina, as well as the spiritual energy is rekindled in the kind of safety and security and a feeling of one’s very own power. Aegirine may at the same time be used to wake the Kundalini energy and also help support the energy fields as one relocation through a Kundalini activation.

aegirine crystal
Aegirine Crystal

Spiritual Energy

Aegirine creates along concentrates energy for the environment and personal healing, mirroring that Light is the healer of darkness. It nourishes self-confidence and integrity and enables one to live together to express that truth out into the world. It elevates truthfulness and virtue and carries the energies of enlightened activity, karmic understanding, and spiritual dedication.

Color Energy

Black color energy grows our union with the physical universe. It brings power and toughness, relieving fears especially connected with the physical existence here in the world. Black Aegirine provides protection as well as a retreat, the safety of being hidden from your enemies.


Aegirine has the power to assist in meditations in which you are seeking to understand how your darkest thoughts can be straightened into encouraging goals.


The divinatory meaning of Aegirine: Someone is attempting to make you feel inadequate or guilty to offload their individual insecurities and problems, so do not accept blame or guilt. Aegirine along with the Angelic Realm. An Aegirine can be a valuable channel to your Guardian Angel if your birthday falls in any of the following periods. The table furthermore offers the name of the Guardian Angel of those born in the time period.

Goddess Crystals

As a black stone, Aegirine might honor Manat, the Arabian Goddess of Time, Destiny, and Death. She is honored because time brings us all a shift we call death; nevertheless, she can bring a world full of magic, wisdom, and also protection in life.

Black crystals additionally honor Cybele, the Roman Earth Goddess and Modern Goddess of Spring Break. She is the Earth Mother, together with symbolizes the fertile Earth. Her festival is the first on the Roman calendar, the Festival of Joy.

aegirine crystal in hand
Aegirine Crystal

Birthstones Overview

There are several methods to locate appropriate birthstone. The conventional one is detailed first. These are from the popular checklists that most people know with. The 2nd means is to see your natural birthstone by the color wheel of life. You can click the Natural Birthstone graphic below to find out extra. Lastly, many people use regular stones of the Zodiac.
In this sector, you will locate information on all three techniques.

Traditional Birthstone

Aegirine is not a traditional birthstone.

Natural Birthstone

Aegirine is not a natural birthstone.

Zodiac Stone of Taurus

Aegirine is connected with the sign of Taurus, those born in the heart of spring from April 20 – May 20. Taurus is shown as a bull due to its quiet, nevertheless active characteristics and is ruled by the planet Venus that even rules Libra. Taureans are known for being ” down-to-earth,” the doers along with the realists. They are tender, recognized for their tempers, and highly persistent.

Amulets and also Talismans

Aegirine is a Guardian Harmonizer crystal. The Guardian talismans do not reveal their inner toughness. These stones rarely, if ever, form transparent crystals. Instead, they hide their stamina behind a nontransparent mask, covering the power they possess. In the real world, they are superb amulets for shielding your cherished ones, your ownerships, and your physical safety. In the spiritual world, Guardian crystals offer to protect your beliefs against uncertainty, encouraging you to keep true to your ideals and enhancing your toughness of character. The Guardian crystals can as well protect your spirits throughout struggling along with hard times.

Harmonizers called the chain and band silicates bind together in a lengthy chain, distributing energy in a well balanced, long-lasting way. They entice efforts to smoother a way through difficulties, boost good relationships within a bigger group, like family members, as well as a calm recognition of life’s intrinsic situations.

Feng Shui

Aegirine makes use of Water Energy, the energy of stillness, peaceful stamina, and purification. It embodies potentialities unrealized. It is yielding, formless, yet powerful. The Water component brings the power of regeneration together with rebirth. It is the energy of the circle of life. Use black crystals to enhance any place you use for repose, restful reflection, or prayer. Water energy is generally connected with the North location of a home or area. It is associated with the Career and Life Path location; it is streaming energy, assuring a balance of energy as your life flows along with unfolds.

Aegirine in Ancient Lore and Legend

While titled for an ancient god, Aegir, there is no old tradition concerning this stone.